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WESNET is the expert when it comes to domestic and family violence and technology facilitated abuse. We are the unashamed nerds of the DFV Sector.   We have up-to-date training content developed by practitioners for practitioners using a DV lens.  We understand domestic and family violence and we understand how abusers can misuse technology in the context of domestic and family violence and other forms of gender-based violence.

We also cover all forms of technology.  We train on everything from “faxes” to “facebook”.   Our trainers have trained over 4,200 frontline workers, police, magistrates, governments, businesses, legal services since 2012.

 I think the training was really great- even though I see myself as fairly technologically ‘savvy’. Definitely started to see the use of abuse through technology as something a front line worker can have some control in supporting – rather than telling women to stay off social media. Such great stuff

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