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Tech Safety Handouts

Safety Net Handouts

WESNET’s Safety Net Australia project provides resources to help victims and agencies respond effectively to the many ways that technology impacts victims of domestic and dating violence, sexual violence and stalking. WESNET gives thanks and acknowledgement to the great team at NNEDV for letting us adapt their handouts for the Australian context.


To see all our handouts please visit our dedicated Techsafety website.


Journal Articles

A High-Tech Twist on Abuse: Technology, Intimate Partner Stalking and Advocacy (paper)*

This paper highlights research literature and survivors’ reports on the use of technology in intimate partner stalking. It discusses use and abuse of: telephone technologies including TTY and Caller ID; location and surveillance technologies including GPS devices and cameras; and, computer and Internet technologies including spyware and online databases. It includes tips for social change and advocacy, and safety strategies for survivors. (2005)

The New Age of Stalking: Technological Implications for Stalking (2010 Juvenile and Family Court Journal article)*

Technology has led to tremendous advancements in our society but has also brought more danger to victims of stalking and given more tools for stalkers to use. New technology has made it more difficult for prosecutors and judges to hold stalkers accountable for their crimes, and without an understanding of how technology is misused by stalkers to track and monitor their victims, many victims don’t get the justice they deserve. This article addresses the tremendous impact of technology on stalking, especially within the context of intimate partner stalking.

Citation: Fraser, C., Olsen, E., Lee, K., Southworth, C. and Tucker, S. (2010, November). The New Age of Stalking: Technological Implications for Stalking, Juvenile and Family Court Journal, 61 (4), 39–55. doi: 10.1111/j.1755-6988.2010.01051.x


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