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Safety Planning Booklet

A resource for agencies working with  survivors of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault or Dating Violence


As part of the Safety Net Australia Project, WESNET has a booklet designed specifically for women experiencing stalking, domestic violence, dating violence and sexual assault with a high tech twist.

Initially developed in the US by the Florida Coalition to End Domestic Violence (FCADV), WESNET adapted this easy to read and understand booklet for the Australian context.

Now in its second edition, it covers how women can protect themselves against unwanted monitoring and other types of online abuse.

Technologies covered include:

  • phones — including smartphones, text messages and voicemails
  • GPS and tracking devices
  • geotagging and photo sharing
  • social media and social networking

It also includes a stalking log for women to use to collect evidence. Recording information may help document behaviours for violence prevention orders or criminal prosecution.

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Please note the document is not available electronically.

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