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The principal activity of WESNET is the promotion of the prevention or control of human behaviour that is harmful or abusive to human beings, specifically the reduction of Family and Domestic Violence against women and their children, which will be carried out through the following activities:

  1. Providing educational resources, training and information to professionals that increases their knowledge of technology-facilitated Family and Domestic Violence and identifies strategies, measures and interventions that:
    (i) Support and empower women and their children to avoid, manage and/or recover from Family and Domestic Violence
    (ii) Deter re-offending by keeping perpetrators accountable
    (iii) Promote the best interests of women and their children.
  2. Providing access to and information about communication products and services, which increases the safety of women and their children and facilitates access to emergency services and support networks.
  3. Analysing, recommending and communicating best-practice actions to improve service delivery, thereby controlling the extent of Family and Domestic Violence and harm arising from it.
  4. Developing and disseminating information that drives action to reduce violence against women and their children by:
    (i)  Undertaking research, analysis, investigations and advocacy to address gaps in service provision to women and children experiencing Family and Domestic Violence
    (ii)  Communicating information, recommendations and expert advice to others, which can influence policies, programs and practice and
    (iii)  Conducting events and/or campaigns to increase awareness and understanding of Family and Domestic Violence and how to prevent it.

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