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Established in 1992, the Women’s Services Network (WESNET) is a national women’s peak body which works on behalf of women and children who are experiencing or have experienced domestic or family violence.

With almost 350 members across Australia, WESNET represents a range of organisations and individuals including women’s refuges, shelters, safe houses and information/ referral services.

Through its Canberra-based Office and Secretariat, and via its large national network of members and associate members, WESNET plays an important role in identifying unmet needs, canvassing new and emerging issues, facilitating policy and sector debate and lobbying government to provide improved responses to the problem of domestic and family violence.  We do this within our communities, and in partnership with non-government stakeholders.


WESNET seeks to ensure that all women and children live free of domestic and family violence and its consequences.


WESNET is a national women’s peak body that facilitates and promotes policy, legislative and programmatic responses relevant to women and children who have experienced domestic and family violence.

WESNET advances responses which: ensure the safety of women and children, empower them to live free of violence, and improve the social and economic status of women.

WESNET works within a feminist framework which promotes an understanding of domestic and family violence as gendered violence.

In addition, we acknowledge that women and children’s experiences are also intrinsically shaped by their ethnicity, culture, ability, age, gender identity and class.


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